News 06-08 March

Spring symposium of Netherlands Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (NVGCT) celebrated 20th anniversary this year. For this special occasion, several prominent guest speakers were invited, including Len Seymour (Oxford University) and Matthew H. Porteus (Stanford University). ESRs Ioanna Milenova, Marta Lopez Gonzalez and Tereza Brachtlova all presented their research. Ioanna Milenova was awarded Best Abstract Award by the NVGCT and sponsored by the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy for her work titled: “The Melanoma Microenvironment Conditions Macrophages to Adopt an Immunosuppressive M2-like Phenotype, Which is Reversed by the Oncolytic Adenovirus ORCA-010 and JAK2 or p38-MAPK Inhibition”. Ioanna also wrote a report on the meeting that can be found on the ESGCT website. Congratulations!


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