Our Publications in 2020/21

Despite the ongoing challenges since 2020, the VIRION team continued to shine. This is a list of their publications during this time. We couldn’t be more proud of them. Victor […]

Victor Cervera-Carrascon Defends His PhD Thesis

Victor Cervera-Carrascon successfully defended his PhD on 19th February 2021 with thesis titled “Enabling PD-1 Axis Inhibitors Against Solid Tumours With Engineered Adenoviruses Armed With TNFa and IL-2”. Congratulations, Dr. […]

Joao Manuel Santos Defends His PhD Thesis

Joao Manuel Santos successfully defended his PhD on 30th October 2020 with thesis titled “Overcoming Safety and Efficacy Challenges of Adoptive T-cell Therapy With Cytokine-Encoding Oncolytic Adenoviruses”. Congratulations, Dr. Santos!

News September 2019

And so the VIRION consortium has come to an end. To celebrate the successful collaboration and substantial scientific findings in the course of the last three years, VIRION team met once […]

News 20-21 June

Both Marta Lopez Gonzalez and Ioanna Milenova gave oral presentations at the KWF-Dutch Tumor Immunology Meeting (DTIM; Breukelen, The Netherlands). The meeting is a platform for PhD students to share […]

News 08 June

Marta Lopez Gonzalez published her first article as the first author named “Constitutively active GSK3β as a means to bolster dendritic cell functionality in the face of tumour-mediated immune suppression” […]

News 01-May

Tereza Brachtlova started her secondment in Rotterdam. During her time in the Neurosurgery department, she will learn a novel technique isolating extracellular vesicles without the adenovirus fraction contamination in the […]

News 29 Mar-04 Apr

Ioanna Milenova represented the VIRION consortium at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) meeting, held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She presented her latest research, and attended talks by leading […]