News January

The Royal Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) awarded a grant in the KWF round 2018-II to prof. dr. Tanja de Gruijl for her research on “Selective tumor cell death and decreased immunosuppression by […]

VIRION at the SITC conference (Nov 2018)

VIRION team participated in the 33rd International Annual meeting and pre-conference of The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) in Washington, D.C. (USA). Marta Lopez Gonzalez presented her research work […]

Tereza Brachtlova publishes her first article in Cells (23 Nov 2018)

Tereza Brachtlova and Victor W van Beusechem published a review named “Unleashing the Full Potential of Oncolytic Adenoviruses against Cancer by Applying RNA Interference: The Force Awakens” in Cells. This […]

Register now for annual Biobusiness Summer School (Oct 2018)

Biobusiness Summer School 2019 will again be organized by VIRION partner Hyphen Projects. Testimonials from past participants, including Ioanna Milenova (class of 2017) and Victor Cervera-Carrascon and Joao Santos (class […]

Ioanna Milenova attends the Amsterdam Infection and Immunity Institute (AI&II) PhD retreat (24-26 Oct 2018)

Ioanna Milenova attended the Amsterdam Infection and Immunity Institute (AI&II) PhD retreat. She had an oral presentation, discussing the latest findings in combining an oncolytic virus with immune-modulatory molecules. The […]

VIRION Dissemination activity at Amsterdam International Community School (19 Oct 2018)

Tereza Brachtlova gave a presentation at Amsterdam International Community School as part of the dissemination activity. Her talk to high school students was about the VIRION consortium and how combination […]

OOA PhD Retreat (10-12 Oct 2018)

Victor Cervera-Carrascon and Tereza Brachtlova attended the yearly Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA) PhD Student Retreat that took place in Renesse, Zeeland. Both ESRs presented their recent findings as well […]

VIRION ESRs biannual meeting (27-28 Sep 2018)

This year’s biannual VIRION meeting was another success. This time, the organization of the two-day event was done by Tereza Brachtlova. Apart from sharing significant progress of each of the […]