Ioanna Milenova

Ioanna Milenova is a PhD candidate in immunotherapy through
ORCA Therapeutics, The Netherlands. Her research focus is on
modulating the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment of
melanoma, using ORCA-010 oncolytic adenovirus and clinical
compounds. She completed her Master’s in Biotechnology at
Uppsala University, Sweden, in 2014, and continued working for
Lokon Pharma, Sweden, as a research associate, aiding in the
development of a novel oncolytic gene therapy, which was enrolled
in a Phase I/II clinical trial (NCT02705196) in the United States in
2016. Ioanna was awarded first prize for her work in the field of
Therapeutic Vaccination at the 2015 CIMT conference. She also
complemented her education with biobusiness, as well as wind
energy advancement courses.