Tereza Brachtlova

Tereza Brachtlova is a PhD student at VUmc Amsterdam, working
on identification of targets in cancer cells to improve the efficacy of
oncolytic adenovirus treatment by reducing immune suppression in
the tumor microenvironment. She obtained her BSc. in Applied
Biomedical Sciences from Middlesex University, London, UK and
her MSc. in Medical Sciences- Infection Biology from Uppsala
University, Uppsala, Sweden. She completed Uppsala Graduate

School in Biomedical Research, where she mainly focused on E1B
early expression region of human adenovirus 5. Other areas of her
research training and placements included bifunctional properties of
an antibiotic resistance gene, impact of sex hormones on incidence
of UTI or effect of serglycin on tumor progression in mouse model
for spontaneous development of insulinoma.