VIRION ESRs biannual meeting (27-28 Sep 2018)

This year’s biannual VIRION meeting was another success. This time, the organization of the two-day event was done by Tereza Brachtlova. Apart from sharing significant progress of each of the ESR’s projects, the consortium members spent the second day learning more about bio business from different perspectives. Four speakers were invited to give a talk: Bas Koster (PI at Amsterdam UMC) shared his story about working both in academia and business; Lindy Bosch (Business Development Director at SMS-Oncology) gave a talk about business development at a CRO dedicated to clinical oncology trials; Riika Havunen (Head of R&D at TILT Biotherapeutics) talked about the transition from being a PhD student to becoming head of R&D; Matthijs Alderliefste (Business Developer at IXA Innovation Exchange) gave a workshop on how to successfully get started with designing a business.